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Ready-to-use grammar activities

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November 2010
November introduces new titles to Grammar to go. From our quick fix grammar series Test it, Fix it to the Finder, Checker, Builder of Oxford Learner's Grammar, to our most up-to-date cultural guide Britain for learners of English, we hope you will find something that will help all of your students improve their grammar.

Pre-Intermediate Lesson Link
Test it, Fix it
Bookcover If you can't stand the heat …
The Test It, Fix It series helps students identify problems they have in English, and then to fix the problems. This lesson extends your students' knowledge of adjectives and nouns related to feelings.
Download unitDownload lesson [496KB]

Intermediate Lesson Link
Oxford Learner's Grammar
Bookcover Expressing time
Oxford Learner's Grammar is a resource pack of reference and practice material for intermediate and advanced learners. This lesson consolidates your students' knowledge of adverbials and prepositions of time.
Download unitDownload lesson [366KB]

Advanced Lesson Link
Britain for learners of English
Bookcover Welfare and health care
Using material from Oxford Word Skills and Britain for learners of English this lesson extends your students' health-related lexis and develops their knowledge of health services in the UK.
Download unitDownload lesson [2.12MB]

Digital Grammar Resource Link
Britain website
Looking for current material to use in class? Visit the Britain website. With links and material constantly updated, you will have access to a wide range of cultural material to expand your students' knowledge of Britain and its people.

Digital Grammar Resource Link
Oxford Word Skills vocabulary calendars
Website Learn a new word every day! The new Oxford Word Skills vocabulary calendars are on the student site now. They run from September to June 2011.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader All the lesson ideas are in PDF format. To view them, you need the free Acrobat Reader.

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