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Task 2 Fifa world cup



Each class must now find out more about the history of their country.


Produce a timeline for your country detailing the famous historical events.

You may wish to include some of the following ideas:

Who are the famous people from your country’s history? What can you find out about them?

What are the most important events in your country’s history?

Can you produce a timeline for the last 50 / 100 / 200 years for your country?

Deadline 28 february ( fecha final de entrega 28 de febrero)

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At 9 de febrero de 2010, 23:37 D. Angel said...

"Oropesa in English"
"Teachersoro´S News"
"Bilingual News"
"GoldWeighters'News" or more correctly "GoldBalancers' News"


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